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U.S. Customs

The U.S. Virgin Islands is a territory of the United States therefore when on a direct flight from the mainland US or Puerto Rico aircraft do not need to clear customs on arrival. However Federal regulations still require all aircraft departing from the Virgin Islands back to the mainland United States or Puerto Rico to clear customs. This can be done by a) flying back to the mainland and stopping at the first Port of Entry; b) Using an over-flight permit to depart straight back to your final destination; or c) Pre-Clearing Customs on St Thomas.

If you choose to clear customs on St Thomas, we will gladly assist you with the clearance process making it as smooth and painless as possible for your passengers. We will prepare all necessary CBP documentation on your behalf and provide an escort and baggage handling through the Customs area.

Below you will find links that explain in further detail procedures for Customs clearance as well all documents that are needed.

Pre-Clearance Procedures
Foreign Arrival Procedures
eAPIS Requirements
Passport Requirements
Visa Requirements
Additional Government Links